BakeryScan is AI system that scan many pastries on the tray in a flash by camera. BakeryScan is the world’s 1st challenge to apply AI technology to cash register. Revolutionizes the checkout process!

Check-Out Steps

1. Put tray under the camera

2. Scan all pastries in a second

3. Calculate price automatically


Clear Long Queues!

By clearing long queues by BakeryScan, Customers are more likely to buy products. This will improve sales. In Japan, some bakery shop have improved sales by 10%.

Be expert in 1day!

Very tough work for new staff to memorize all products name, price and code. However BakeryScan show the name and calculate price. All staff quickly become cashier expert with BakeryScan.

Sell many variation!

Customer always wait new product, want to select from many varieties. By freeing the staff from memorizing tasks, Shop can sell many varieties in short cycle.

New Customer Experience!

By using BakeryScan, Staff always make smile for customer because check-out task is easy. In addition, sophisticated design and AI technology give customers a clean impression!

There are Many BakeryScan Users!

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